About Us


Owner Philip Kruse was born and raised here on Circle View as the youngest of eight siblings. For many years he had dreamt of sharing the beauty of this ranch with travelers coming through the area. After finishing college in Texas, Philip moved back to the family ranch and started working for his older brothers. He saved and saved and in 1996 the construction of the guest house began. With the help of family and friends, the house was finished 4 years later! Summer of 2000 was the first season for Philip to run his new business. He hired nieces and nephews to help with the house duties while he tended to the work on the ranch.

Then in the winter of 2003, Amy came from Arizona to work as an intern at the Badlands National Park. She worked only 1 month before she was introduced to Philip. It was a match made in heaven and in just 6 months they were married in October of 2003. Together, they have been running the Circle View Guest Ranch since!